That’s right.



It is done.

The Cover


Everyone, I’m pleased to announce some new additions to my resume section, specifically a book that’s very dear to my heart:

… available for sale as a download from Paizo.com here:


… or from RPGNow, here, where it spend most of the week as the #3 download:


… and where there’s a preview and a short-but-sweet 5-star review, as well!

Hey, all – I’ll be at GenCon Indy here in just about two weeks, and I’m looking forward to chatting with as many friends, fans, freelancers and just-plain-folks as possible while I’m out there.

Shoot me an email, and I’ll hook you up with my cell #!

Hey, all – check out the first part of my on-going interview with the fine people at Rite Publishing regarding my Patronage Project, Coliseum Morpheon: The Damnation Epoch, right here:


… and send me some questions!

One weekend.  Five days, technically, including all Thursday through the end of Monday – it was a long weekend, I guess.

My point stands: one weekend and we’re already at 32% of our goal for the Damnation Epoch.  I couldn’t be happier!

So here’s how it is:

The fine people at Rite Publishing have decided to give me free reign to tell whatever story I want to tell – to use the new Pathfinder RPG rule-system to make my own game-world, complete with setting, history, villains, monsters, magic, daring-do and the unique blend of Lovecraftian horror & over-the-top-anime/kung-fu explosion-filled goodness that I love so very, very much.  In fact, I’ve already got the first part done.

The thing is, they want you to help with the rest.


Head to the site linked directly above, sign up for a small fee that goes to pay the artists, keep me fed full of Mountain Dew & buys you a copy of the finished book, and you get to tell me what to do.  You get to be my patron – just like the artistic, noble patrons who directed the old Renaissance masters, including the guy who told DaVinci that he should totally do a portrait of this one girl named Lisa.

As in the Mona Lisa.

During this project, I’ll be answering to you.  And only to you, the patrons.  No corporate strategy, no branding, no concessions to the masses.  I’ll be looking out for my bottom line – and that will be YOU.

My writing, your adventure.

Pretty cool, huh?